Valet Parking Service

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We understand that when you rush to a hospital, your mind will be already tensed.  We wanted to take away this parking hassle. In contrast to “self-parking” valet parking is more secure and convenient. When patients/visitors come to our hospital we don’t want them to spend lot of time finding the right parking space, park into tight parking slots or worse get caught in an accident while parking and having to settle it when your dear one’s health is at stake.

Medeor 24×7 Hospital’s Valet Parking Service was well received. Visitors/Patients may drop their cars at the hospital’s main entrance and while leaving the hospital; their cars will be brought to the main entrance driveway. Since the valet holds all the keys he can move cars out of the way to free a blocked-in car thus valuable time of our patient. An additional advantage of valet parking, aside from stacking, is that valets can park cars closer and straighter than some of our patients’ car parking. This will help us to accommodate more cars at a time and save space in the parking lot.