Diagnostic imaging plays a critical role in medical analysis. This is why we have invested in the latest technology, operated by dedicated and skilled staff, in order to ensure the best possible results.

As a health care organization with international standards, we use only value-based care. Thanks to our Department of Radiology, amazingly accurate diagnosis is possible anytime of the day.

Our fully-equipped Radiology consists of an open MRI machine, with a high magnetic field (1 Tesla) which is not only incredibly powerful, but also provides excellent quality images including that of extremities such as the shoulder, hand, wrist or foot that this is not easily available elsewhere. It makes the MRI scanning a more pleasant experience since the person is not confined to a narrow space.

We also offer other advanced diagnostic imaging technologies such as high-end 128 CT Scan and dual detector X-ray. With a view to provide additional comfort to our women guests, ultrasound, digital mammogram, MRI, etc. are conducted by expert female Radiologists and female Radiographers.

Our Doctors