Patient Reviews

Excellent service – Allah bless you all

Zahid Sarfraz

Excellent doctors and staff… nice hospitality… nice ambiance and excellent service…keep going…all the best
Shahanas Afsal

ماشاء الله روعه روووووووعه جزاكم الله كل خير
Mari La Brune

Ok the simplest way I can judge any hospital is by the quick responding and file opening especially in emergency room … I went to Medeor a couple of times for emergency services and it took me less than 10 minutes to open a file and get all treatments as needed and all this with few staff because it had newly opened then… I can give them 10 out of 10 for excellent timing by the small team … many famous hospitals here in Abu Dhabi with huge teams will not be able to do it… I thank Medeor and hope this quick response and good services always stay that way and upgrade to better services.

Young Man

Very accommodating staff from reception to nurses and doctors…the hospital is clean….keep it up…hope it will be much more better services in the coming days as the patients become more and more from us who you first attended to.

Monette Bautista Bacarro

I have visited your hospital … and I would like to tell you that I didn't find good hospitality like your hospital. Also, I want to appreciate Dr. Jackson in the Dental Clinic for his understanding of my emergency case. Again, thanks Medeor and thanks Dr. Jackson.

Belal Ali Mohammed

I am thinking that … all hospitals and clinics under … ** VPS** … are like one hand and one heart and one family to help patients. They serve from the heart and stand next to Dr. Shamsheer…

Gehan Malati

Excellent service, professional and good doctors.

Umar Khan

Masha Allah it is a Super Hospital with excellent team and the location is very good.

Heba Hussien

Good medical care… Very nice service oriented hospital in Abu Dhabi….

Krishna Kumar

Prime location!!! All the best Dr. Shamsheer and team!!!

Justin Thomas

Amazing hospital… perfect decoration … strategic area.

Adnane Zalmat