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Meet Our Medical Staff

Our medical staff are the absolute mainstay of our facility. While medical technology has become ever more sophisticated, it is ultimately the medical professionals and support staff who make the difference and turn the Medeor 24×7 offering into something that goes ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty.

Our Doctors – The Heart and Soul of Medeor 24×7

Medeor 24×7 boasts a multi-national and highly experienced team of doctors sourced from around globe. They were hand-picked for their ability to provide both expertise as well as for their passion for giving care and improving the overall wellness of their patients. With doctors of such a high calibre it is a given that international best practices are always followed when it comes to patient treatment and care.

Our Nurses – The Dedicated Frontline of Patient Care

Nurses are an integral part of any hospital and spend more time on the ‘frontline’ interacting with patients than anyone else. For this reason we have ensured that our multi-national team of nurses have received impeccable training from the best international institutions as well as that less obvious characteristic –a gift for empathy – to ensure that patients always receive the highest standards of care.