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Dietetics is a vital service in the cure, recovery and rehabilitation of a patient. Diets are tailor-made for each patient to meet all dietary requirements that the body needs to completely heal from a particular disease or invasive treatment.

We have long been aware of the correlation between good diet and health; turning this into a enjoyable meal solution for the whole family is the forte of our Dietetics Department.

Our dietitians formulate special diets to help manage the healthy diets of patients with conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, overweight and obesity, cancer, food allergies and other intolerances.

But they also work with those in good health; People of different ages require different types of nutrition and our dietitians will work with individuals and families to develop healthy eating plans to complement their individual lifestyles and head off many of the regular debilitating illnesses that can occur when your nutritional needs are not met.

The positive effects on your health cannot be overestimated, in fact a visit to the Department of Dietetics could change your life altogether for the better.

  • Nutritional Assessment & Advice
  • Out patient Diet Clinic
  • Diet Counseling for Inpatients
  • Post-Surgery Diet